Hi Flower Friends, Thank you so much for your interest in our “You-Pick”  It is currently closed.  As soon as the sunflowers and zinnia’s begin to bloom we will be able to open.  I am anticipating it will be sometime around the third week, to end of July.  Please check back then.  Thank you!

What is a “YOU-PICK” Flower Farm?
A “YOU-PICK” Flower Farm is similar to a YOU-PICK Berry Farm. On a flower farm you pay a designated fee depending on the size of container you select to fill with flowers. We lend you a clean clipper and container with water and you go into the flower garden and harvest (cut) your favorite flowers and place them in the container. There is almost an acre, filled with over 60, fifty foot long flower beds containing thousands of flowers to choose from. Something new is always blooming to create your perfect bouquet or arrangement for any event big or small.


First, schedule your YOU-PICK visit by clicking the green “Schedule Appointment” button at the top of the page and purchase the size container you would like to fill with flowers.  When you arrive park in the designated area and then walk to the white Canopy/Booth to Check-in.  You will be given the size of container you selected with water in it to fill with flowers and we will lend you a floral snip.  Next you will be given brief instructions on how to choose and cut the flowers that will give them the best vase life possible.  Look for flowers that are almost mature and cut the stem approximately 16”-18” long (about the length from your fingertips to your elbow) or cut ABOVE the plant’s 2 bottom sets of leaves.  After selecting a flower you would like, cut the stem and immediately place it into the water in your pitcher or bucket. 

You may cut any flowers in the garden to fill your container.  Most of the flowers are supported with a white plastic horizontal netting, please be careful to not accidentally cut it.  

Many guests like to walk through the garden and see the different varieties of flowers available then decide which ones they would like to cut and take home.  There is no rush, so take your time and enjoy the experience. 

Remember to take a lot of pictures!  There will be photo areas in the garden with benches and places to sit and relax.  We would love to see your favorite flower pics and would be delighted if you would email them to us when you are sharing them with your family and friends. 

When you are finished walk back to the Canopy/Booth, return the floral snip and pay for your flowers.  We will transfer them into a recyclable container with water for you to take them home in.  It would be a good idea to have something in your vehicle to place your container of flowers in to keep it upright during the drive home.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your visit and create special memories while selecting your favorite flowers and relaxing in the garden with family & friends.  Thank you for making us part of your day!

Bees and pollinators are busy at work among the flowers.  Please be aware when cutting flowers and try not to disturb the pollinators!  Be nice to them.  If you pick a flower with a bee or insect on it, gently put the flower in your vase and it will fly away soon.

WHAT IT COSTS    (Pricing is by the Container size you wish to fill with flowers)

$15.00 Child’s Pitcher [Ages 5-12] – Approximately 15-20 stems.
$25.00 Regular Pitcher – Approximately 20-25 stems.
$50.00 Large Pitcher – Approximately 50-55 stems.
$98.00 Bucket – Approximately 100+ stems.
$15 Just Looking/Non-picking Admission.
          We know you will appreciate walking through the beds of flowers as much as we do.  If after strolling through the beds of flowers you decide you would like to cut some flowers to take home we will be happy to apply the ‘Non-picking Fee’ you paid to a Container Size of your choice.

To ensure there is a variety of flowers for all guest, we ask you to observe the following limits.
$15 Child’s Pitcher [Ages 5-12]: (1) sunflower, (1) gladiolus and (1) Med/Large dahlia
$25 Regular Pitcher: (3) sunflowers, (3) gladiolus and (3) Med/Large dahlias
$50 Large Pitcher: (6) sunflowers, (6) gladiolus and (6) Med/Large dahlias
$98 Bucket: (12) sunflowers, (12) gladiolus and (12) Med/Large dahlias

$50 Large Pitcher
$98 Bucket
$25 Regular Pitcher
$15 Child’s Pitcher [Ages 5-12]